Competing with Myself

I recently entered my first art competition. A bold move since I have only been making art for four months and my only training has been one online course. I believe we are all artists no matter what our personal stories.


Long story short ,I misread the time of submission deadline and missed it by thirty minutes. Here in Arizona we never change our time so time zones can be a bit confusing. I thought I had until 5pm when actually the submission deadline was 9Am. This I realized at 9:30 AM.

Honestly I feel very blessed that I was able to finish a piece to be submitted. I just started teaching my first face to face Biology class exactly at the same time that we got our assignment for the contest. Trying to navigate a new class in a new format was a tad stressful. I normally teach online and its normally a different class altogether. So although I am disappointed, I am very proud.

I didn’t really expect to win with all the amazing and talented artists and seasoned illustrators but I was really hoping that the judges would see something different in my work and put me through to the next round to see what I would do next.


Thank you for sharing my work with me. I am looking forward to next years competition already. Please comment below if you have a recommendation for other art competitions I may be able to enter. Happy Sunday.


Break time

Taking a little breather from writing my powerpoint presentations for my first day of teaching an introductory Biology class tomorrow. The presentations would probably go quicker if I wasn’t searching for the perfect image to put on each slide. I am almost inspired to make a mixed media painting of a cell. Perhaps I should make a biology inspired, mixed media, extra credit art project!

As you can see in the above photo, I am having a little mixed media border fun in between ppt slides. Loving these textiles and colors. These textiles are extra special because they once belonged to my mom.

Here’s a little pic of a corner of my studio.



Below you can see my rottie, Sammy. He follows me everywhere and loves hanging out with me. You can see him here working hard to give me some creative inspiration… zzzzzzz.



Sammy has actually been on tv with me before. Post here if you can find the online video and tell us what Sammy was doing on tv.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Life Is A Work in Progress

Feels good to get some paint on my hands again. Its been a long couple of weeks without painting while my son wrapped up summer vacation.  I decided to fiddle with some of my new stencils and paint colors that I bought with my birthday money. I am in love with Goldens violet oxide fluid acrylic.

Being a single mom, working full time, and trying to maintain a well balanced life is challenging. Honestly I don’t know how I do it. I had my son in the middle of veterinary school as a single parent from the start. It was rough but I graduated on time with my class and had a doctorate degree and amazing son on graduation day.

Like this mixed media painting, life is a work in progress. I am still trying to figure it all out. Making art has helped me tremendously. I was stuck. My life was blocked as I was paralyzed with grief. Six months after I graduated from veterinary school my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her battle not long after. It was not the best of years as I lost my grandma in May, my mom in June and my grandpa in July.

Like the butterfly in my painting, I am slowly transforming out of my grief filled cocoon, into my own mixed media work of art called my life.



Learning by Doing

Today I, along with a multitude of other artists, received the first assignment details for the Lilla Rogers contest, Global Talent Search. Although I’ve only been making art for a short time, I do believe we are all artists and our souls ache to create. I fell in love with mixed media art after taking Kelly Rae Roberts online course, Hello Soul Hello Mantras. Since then I have been dabbling with watercolor and pencils in a self- taught fashion. Entering this competition is exactly that, competitive, and I expect to learn along the way. I think no matter what a person’s background and experience that we are all lifelong learners and artists of life.

The beautiful picture above with the crystals and dried rose was one of my submissions for the contests composition mini-prep assignment. This mini-prep assignment was to make a well composed collection of objects.  When I read the assignment I immediately knew I was going to use some of my crystals. I started collecting them a year ago and it is quite addictive. I am fascinated by crystals and stones and their healing properties. So much so that in addition to my art classes I am also enrolled in a certified crystal healing course.

Below is another mini assignment I submitted in prep for the contest. The challenge here was to research or create various styles of socks. I chose to make a fun pair of leggings. This was the first time I tried to draw a picture!

So somewhere between working as a veterinarian, teaching my first face to face Biology class, and caring for my eight year old son, I will be designing my assignment for my first ever art contest due in only two weeks. No pressure right? Wish me luck!

P.S. Leave me a comment if you can name some of the pictured stones and their healing properties. Just looking at this photo makes me feel good. Hope you can feel the good vibes too!

Out and about in rose colored leggins

                    Out and about in style

Crazy for Love!

Looking at this piece makes me smile. I never intended to leave it in this stage. As I often do, I post pics of my work in progress on social media for my friends and family to see. I had every intention of continuing the journey with this canvas with the next layer of paper and paint.  What you see here was me unleashing my creative spirit and opening my heart to the possibility of romantic love. I was fully prepared to move forward and have it be part of the beautiful layers in a canvas with an uncertain destiny. I think the little girl in me who used to dream of love helped make this piece. Her heart was open and she was filled with hope. Yet my adult sized, gel medium filled, fingers were ready to bury it. Perhaps like a heart that closes after being broken. Its still there but its buried amidst the pain. My dear friend, Inja, however, enthusiastically fell in love with this canvas so then of course I couldn’t bear to cover it up. Not only does this work remind me of my dear friend but it also reminds me that when you least expect it, love will show up and surprise you. It also reminds me to still have hope for love.   Perhaps leaving this canvas as is signifies the keeping of my own heart open. For one day someone WILL kiss me and my life will never be the same again…….. Now that’s “Crazy for Love”.

Crazy in Love

                        Crazy in Love

Hello world!

Hi, welcome to my drskippyart blog!

I am………… those are the two most powerful words each and every one of us speak, write and think. There are many ways I could describe myself to you right now.  Just like everyone else, I am someone who is trying to navigate this life with an open heart. I realized that I closed my heart many years ago as a protective shield for reasons you will learn about if you follow my journey. An amazing thing happens when one dips their hands in paint and allows their soul to sing via the canvas. Ones heart begins to open and more importantly it begins to heal. Follow along side me as I let my new found love of mixed media art shine light upon my heart where it once tried to hide within the darkness. Namaste.

Healing Soul

                              Healing Soul