Hello world!

Hi, welcome to my drskippyart blog!

I am………… those are the two most powerful words each and every one of us speak, write and think. There are many ways I could describe myself to you right now.  Just like everyone else, I am someone who is trying to navigate this life with an open heart. I realized that I closed my heart many years ago as a protective shield for reasons you will learn about if you follow my journey. An amazing thing happens when one dips their hands in paint and allows their soul to sing via the canvas. Ones heart begins to open and more importantly it begins to heal. Follow along side me as I let my new found love of mixed media art shine light upon my heart where it once tried to hide within the darkness. Namaste.

Healing Soul

                              Healing Soul

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Anne Everett Jones says:

    Hi I think these are really well done. I think they are finished. My name is
    Anne and I too have taken Kelly’s classes and am slowly moving forward . . . This looks like a great start to me!! Hugs Soul Sister! Fly!

    Liked by 1 person

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