Crazy for Love!

Looking at this piece makes me smile. I never intended to leave it in this stage. As I often do, I post pics of my work in progress on social media for my friends and family to see. I had every intention of continuing the journey with this canvas with the next layer of paper and paint.  What you see here was me unleashing my creative spirit and opening my heart to the possibility of romantic love. I was fully prepared to move forward and have it be part of the beautiful layers in a canvas with an uncertain destiny. I think the little girl in me who used to dream of love helped make this piece. Her heart was open and she was filled with hope. Yet my adult sized, gel medium filled, fingers were ready to bury it. Perhaps like a heart that closes after being broken. Its still there but its buried amidst the pain. My dear friend, Inja, however, enthusiastically fell in love with this canvas so then of course I couldn’t bear to cover it up. Not only does this work remind me of my dear friend but it also reminds me that when you least expect it, love will show up and surprise you. It also reminds me to still have hope for love.   Perhaps leaving this canvas as is signifies the keeping of my own heart open. For one day someone WILL kiss me and my life will never be the same again…….. Now that’s “Crazy for Love”.

Crazy in Love

                        Crazy in Love

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