Learning by Doing

Today I, along with a multitude of other artists, received the first assignment details for the Lilla Rogers contest, Global Talent Search. Although I’ve only been making art for a short time, I do believe we are all artists and our souls ache to create. I fell in love with mixed media art after taking Kelly Rae Roberts online course, Hello Soul Hello Mantras. Since then I have been dabbling with watercolor and pencils in a self- taught fashion. Entering this competition is exactly that, competitive, and I expect to learn along the way. I think no matter what a person’s background and experience that we are all lifelong learners and artists of life.

The beautiful picture above with the crystals and dried rose was one of my submissions for the contests composition mini-prep assignment. This mini-prep assignment was to make a well composed collection of objects.  When I read the assignment I immediately knew I was going to use some of my crystals. I started collecting them a year ago and it is quite addictive. I am fascinated by crystals and stones and their healing properties. So much so that in addition to my art classes I am also enrolled in a certified crystal healing course.

Below is another mini assignment I submitted in prep for the contest. The challenge here was to research or create various styles of socks. I chose to make a fun pair of leggings. This was the first time I tried to draw a picture!

So somewhere between working as a veterinarian, teaching my first face to face Biology class, and caring for my eight year old son, I will be designing my assignment for my first ever art contest due in only two weeks. No pressure right? Wish me luck!

P.S. Leave me a comment if you can name some of the pictured stones and their healing properties. Just looking at this photo makes me feel good. Hope you can feel the good vibes too!

Out and about in rose colored leggins

                    Out and about in style

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