Life Is A Work in Progress

Feels good to get some paint on my hands again. Its been a long couple of weeks without painting while my son wrapped up summer vacation.  I decided to fiddle with some of my new stencils and paint colors that I bought with my birthday money. I am in love with Goldens violet oxide fluid acrylic.

Being a single mom, working full time, and trying to maintain a well balanced life is challenging. Honestly I don’t know how I do it. I had my son in the middle of veterinary school as a single parent from the start. It was rough but I graduated on time with my class and had a doctorate degree and amazing son on graduation day.

Like this mixed media painting, life is a work in progress. I am still trying to figure it all out. Making art has helped me tremendously. I was stuck. My life was blocked as I was paralyzed with grief. Six months after I graduated from veterinary school my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her battle not long after. It was not the best of years as I lost my grandma in May, my mom in June and my grandpa in July.

Like the butterfly in my painting, I am slowly transforming out of my grief filled cocoon, into my own mixed media work of art called my life.



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