Competing with Myself

I recently entered my first art competition. A bold move since I have only been making art for four months and my only training has been one online course. I believe we are all artists no matter what our personal stories.


Long story short ,I misread the time of submission deadline and missed it by thirty minutes. Here in Arizona we never change our time so time zones can be a bit confusing. I thought I had until 5pm when actually the submission deadline was 9Am. This I realized at 9:30 AM.

Honestly I feel very blessed that I was able to finish a piece to be submitted. I just started teaching my first face to face Biology class exactly at the same time that we got our assignment for the contest. Trying to navigate a new class in a new format was a tad stressful. I normally teach online and its normally a different class altogether. So although I am disappointed, I am very proud.

I didn’t really expect to win with all the amazing and talented artists and seasoned illustrators but I was really hoping that the judges would see something different in my work and put me through to the next round to see what I would do next.


Thank you for sharing my work with me. I am looking forward to next years competition already. Please comment below if you have a recommendation for other art competitions I may be able to enter. Happy Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Competing with Myself

  1. melaniem says:

    Wow, such a humble post. I think your art work is beautiful and so meaningful, medicine for the soul. There is always 2016, I was tempted by this competition yet knew I didn’t want the stress right now. I might join you next year, fun. Melanie M

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