Secret Garden

Its still hot here in the desert. I really don’t mind the heat. But I do mind how it keeps me from partaking in a weekly activity that brings me back to center and fuels my soul…… weekly trips to the local botanical garden.

For the last year or two I have been going to the garden one to two times weekly as much as possible. I realized this summer just how much it balances me. Its a form of meditation and self care ritual that I really need. I am so anxious for it to cool down so I can start going again.

I didn’t plan to make this piece pictured above at all. Perhaps it was my higher self dreaming of the beautiful flowers and tranquil space. I started collaging little squares of paper and before I knew it a little house began to form and then the beautiful tree and sky.  What I really love about this piece is the angel cloud in the sky. I didn’t realize it was there until I was completely finished, making it even more special!

Come fall, if you cant find me, I will be in my secret garden.

3 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. Amber Choisella says:

    I resonate with this post because I have always visualized being in a “secret garden”, in fact when I meditate I use to venture out to a spiritual secret garden, now I just visualize a forest. I really enjoyed this post!

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