Leap of Faith

I have always had an inclination to make art. For more years than I can remember I have had internal nudges urging me to take art classes. It always seemed like I didn’t have time in my schedule with work, school, caring for my son, etc. Yet no matter how busy my life appeared to be the nudges never went away. In fact they became stronger and stronger.

I have always enjoyed being creative and dabbling in multiple creative projects throughout the years with my family. My mom and I spent countless hours making painted molded candy, Christmas ornaments and much more. I grew up watching both of my grandfathers express themselves creatively via several different mediums such as stained glass, wood and paint. My grandmother sewed and made beautiful needlepoint and I even had an aunt who was a very talented painter.

Being the sole provider for my family has made making time to follow my hearts whispers challenging. I have learned that these whispers and nudges can no longer be ignored as they are there for a very important reason. I have decided that it is these internal nudges that in fact lead us to the life we are meant to live. They lead us to our soul purpose, fulfill our dreams of a life of joy and are truly the answers to our prays.

This April I was finally able to dive into an art class thanks to the magic of the online forum. I am so grateful that such talented artists like Kelly Rae Roberts share their craft now in online courses. I have been creating nonstop since and am so grateful.

With that being said I am officially taking a leap of faith towards living a creative life. One that feeds my soul, makes my heart sing, and brings joy to me and all those around me. It is with faith that this post is my first post from my official drskippyart.com website.

I hope you continue to follow me on my journey as I post about art, life and how art continues to help me heal my heart and live my life purpose. I hope everyone continues to live the life of their dreams with full faith that it is possible.

Continue to have faith my friends. Feel it, love it, live it. What leaps of faith will you be taking in your life today? Please share with us in the comment section. Let us leap together.


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