Spirit Animal

She galloped on the wings of destiny…….

Hello friends, sharing a work in progress from my Shades of White online painting class by Ivy Newport. I am just loving everything about this class. I am learning new techniques such as encaustic painting and much more. I highly recommend it.

The horse in this piece emerged on its own so I followed my intuition and painted with the flow of the spirit guide. I cant wait to see how it progresses. This piece is called Horses on the Horizon. There are meant to be multiple horses along the horizon line. I love how this winged horse is the spirit guide of the horses that will be below.

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Thank you MLK for your contributions to humanity.

horse spirit one

horse spirit two


Spirit Traveler

Hello friends. I hope you are all settling into to the beginning of a marvelous new year. This is going to be a wonderful year with many of my intentions already manifesting. I am almost bursting at the seams with joy with all the amazing things I will be able to share with you very, very soon. For today I wanted to share with you my first angel of the new year. This is my first sketch and my first watercolor and I just love her. I hope you do too. There is a promo code for 15% off and free shipping today only on society6.com . Enter promo code GETHOMEY at checkout. Remember, thoughts are powerful, plant seeds of intention, water them with gratitude and watch your dreams manifest into your own flower garden of magical bliss.

happy traveler


Third Eye Kitten

Purrrrr’oommmmm, purrrrrr’ommmmmmm……

Hi Joy, said Sally. What is that noise you are making? Why do you have your eyes closed? Is that a new cat bed you are sitting on?

Geez Sally, replied Joy. That sure is a lot of questions you are asking. Good thing I just finished my morning meditation and I am in a blissful state. It’s going to be a wonderful day!

Your morning WHAT, asked Sally.

My morning meditation.

Well, what was that strange purr you were making? Was that the new Lady Gatto song that everyone is talking about?

I was chanting. CHANTING! Exclaimed Sally. Yes, chanting, Joy said in a calm voice.

Well, why were your eyes closed, were you trying to take a nap? No, silly, I was meditating remember?

Oh yeah, right, meditating. I get it. Ummm, Joy. Yes, Sally. What is meditating?

Well meditating is quieting the………

Holy! I just got a closer glimpse of your new cat bed, Sally said enthusiastically while simultaneously interrupting Joy. This looks like something straight out of the Katdashian collection!

Joy just sat there silently, trying not to get her kitten scruff in a fuss. Breathe Joy, breathe, she repeated to herself while rubbing the calming amethyst stone she held in her hand that she was still holding from her morning meditation. Joy loved to meditate with crystals and had several that she used depending on her manifestation goals.

This is actually my meditation pillow. My Uncle Homer gave it to me as a gift for finishing my first gratitude journal.

That’s nice. I bet Katnip Katdashian has a designer one. I better check her app.

Breathe Joy, breathe, she kept whispering to herself. I don’t really know Sally, I only keep up with my intentions……

Third eye kitten