Guardian Angels

It’s been an emotional week.

As I was driving to teach my class, another driver made a left hand turn directly into my car and I spun about 3 to 4 times before stopping in the dirt median. All I kept thinking was please let me stop in the middle and not go into oncoming traffic. It was almost as if someone gently picked up my car and placed it in that median. My door was jammed and I had to crawl over to the passenger side to get out.I was sore in my shoulder area and emotionally shaken up but that was it. I am so blessed! I know my guardian angels were watching over me, especially Archangel Michael. I even found a feather and a penny in the dirt near my car. Both a sign that angels are nearby.

Angels have become a big part of my life in recent years. I started seeing “angel numbers” a few years ago while working at a hospital that wasn’t right for me. It started by my noticing that whenever I looked at the time it was always a sequence of numbers such as 11:11 or 1:11, etc. I began to look up the meaning of the numbers and the concept of angel numbers and messages resonated with me.  I’ve been fascinated with numerology and angels in general since.  In fact, when I sat down to edit this blog post I noticed that it had 444 words. That’s one of my favorite angel numbers!

My favorite books on the subject of angels and angel numbers are written by Doreen Virtue. I’ve pretty much bought out the New Age section in the local bookstore since starting my spiritual journey.  Doreen Virtue continues to be one of my favorite authors. Her teachings and writings resonate with me on a soul level. Aside from her wonderful books, she also has beautiful tarot card decks and apps for smart phones.  Her angel number app is one of my favorites. I love to check the meaning of the number sequences that I see on a regular basis.

I truly believe that the universe sends us messages in many forms and always has our backs. When we are in tune with our higher self and guides I think we can decipher these messages with many of our natural intuitive abilities. We just have to be open to them. I am so grateful for my guardian angels constant love and protection. I do not know why I was recently in a car accident but I do know that there are only blessings to be sought and lessons of gratitude to be focused upon. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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