You know that feeling of being one with the universe? When you are in sync,  flowing and experiencing synchronicity after synchronicity. When people you thought you would never see again just pop up out of nowhere and they happen to have exactly what you need at the time. When you meet someone new who is unmistakably a part of your soul tribe. When its blatantly obvious this new person has come into your life at the right time for a very specific reason to help you along your journey. That’s where I am right now and it feels so good.

I want to share a very special painting with you. The prayer on this painting was given to me by Judith, the beautiful soul at A Peace of The Universe. Not only do I love the message and intention but I love that it fits absolutely perfect on this canvas. I made this canvas a few months ago and it has been hanging on my wall waiting to be finished. I knew in my heart that it was going to have a very special message. I just wasn’t sure what the message was.

Last weekend was the spiritual fair at A Peace of the Universe. Judith, the owner of this wonderful metaphysical store, is an open channel. While I was there, I asked her if Spirit had a message for me. At the end of our conversation she gave me this shortened version of a beautiful prayer she had me recite aloud and instructed me to say this prayer daily in the morning. The minute I got home and pulled out the scrap paper with the prayer I knew this prayer is what my canvas what waiting for. I immediately began working on the canvas and finished the painting the same night.

I kept the canvas in my sacred space for a few days reciting  the prayer every time I saw it. The other day as I was getting ready to leave for work I felt compelled to bring it with me. All day I knew I wanted to stop by the metaphysical store but I really didn’t have specific reasoning as to why. I thought maybe it was to show Judith the painting.

When I entered the store this overwhelming feeling of love encompassed every fiber of my being to the point of bringing tears to my eyes. I  was drawn to the large Celestite geode which is one of my favorite crystals. Its a New Age crystal known for its ability to communicate with the higher realms ie angels. I knew then that I was meant to gift Judith with the special painting so that everyone who visited the store could also share in the beauty of the prayer.

If you love this prayer too you may visit the original piece at A Peace of the Universe and also enjoy a loved filled hug from Judith!  Or visit my online shops for your very own 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!