All is Well with My Soul

Hello friends. I hope your summer has been magical. This summer has been full of many blessings for us here. I am however happy that school started last week. Balancing life while working as a healer and teacher, an artist, and raising my son can be challenging at times.

For the most part we have had a quiet summer. We did venture to San Francisco for an unexpected trip with family that was absolutely fantastic in so many ways and a very unexpected blessing. What a fantastic city by the way. Absolutely fell in love with it. Especially the Botanical Garden and Golden Gate Park in general. Not to mention the Italian section called North Beach of course!

I’ve been working on my first art commission and its going quite well. Just putting on the finishing touches.  I will post some pics when it is complete.  I get such a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when people are moved by my art. What an honor to have a commission. I feel truly blessed.

I’ve also started conducting mixed media art workshops at the coop gallery that I recently joined by jury, called Fountain Hills Artist Gallery.  My goal is to be able to have workshops on a monthly basis. The first one was a success, can’t wait for the next. For up to date details please visit the gallery link above.

As you can see, all is well with my soul. I hope all is well with yours as well. Namaste.





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