The Art of Following your Heart

I am so glad I took a leap of faith and decided to go to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association conference a few months ago in Columbus, Ohio. I think it was one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time, besides picking up a paint brush of course. It was absolutely fantastic in so many ways.

At the conference I learned a ton about integrative veterinary medicine, made new friends, spent time with like minded people, and basically for the first time in my veterinary career, met my tribe.  It completely solidified the urges I have felt to pursue integrative veterinary medicine. As an added blessing, my son and I were able to spend some quality time in Ohio with family.

I am very excited to start training at The Chi Institute to gain certification in Veterinary Acupuncture, Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine and Veterinary Food Therapy. I also wish to continue to learn more about Aromatherapy for Animals and other healing modalities like Animal Reiki and  Healing Touch for Animals.

Love, love, love!!!

I am feeling very blessed. I hope you are too. What are some of your dreams and goals?   I would love to hear from you. Lets support each other together. The painting below is still a work in progress but it just seemed to fit this blog so I decided to post it anyway. How would you finish the text on the painting? Love is the key to your……………


Love is the key to your……………

Let Your Spirit Guide You

I love the meaning behind this mantra. It holds a special place in my heart because that is exactly what I have been doing this past year. While I don’t want to belittle the fact that I do believe my spirit has been guiding me my entire life, this past year, however, I have been better able to listen and follow along with the least amount of detours.

I especially love how this mantra can be interpreted in more than one way. For example, it could be read “let your SPIRIT guide you” or ” let your SPIRIT GUIDE you”. Whether its your inner spirit/higher self, one of your actual spirit guides, or hopefully both, I believe we will find our true purpose when we let go, listen to our intuition, and truly follow our heart. We must do what makes our heart sing and if we let our spirit guide us then we will naturally follow along the path meant for us.

This is how I have decided to live the rest of my life. Listening to and following my heart. Only partaking in activities, relationships, work, etc that make my heart sing with joy. Love, joy, abundance and more are our birthrights. When we listen to the song of our soul, played via the heart strings, guided by our spirit, then we naturally follow along the road of our true life purpose.

Its been a little over a year since I started making art and living a creative life. Art has not only healed many parts of myself and my life but it has healed my career as a healer! I have found joy once again in being a veterinarian and have embraced my purpose as a healer, an artist and a writer. I am so grateful that I have been able to quiet the noise and listen so that I am truly guided by spirit in all ways.

I am so honored to announce that this print has been selected by Society6 to be highlighted in their online shop. I am even more excited to announce that the original is for sale at the Fountain Hills Artist Gallery where I am one of the new local artists. It feels so good to say that. I would also like to thank Ivy Newport for the inspiration behind this piece via her wonderful Spirit Horse Mixed Media Workshop. I highly recommend her online art classes. She is a joy to learn from and a brave beautiful soul.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know where your spirit is guiding you. Namaste.


A Peace of the Universe

Hello friends. I am excited to share that I will be participating in the Spiritual Fair at A Peace of the Universe this month in North Scottsdale. The fair will be held on Saturday April 16 from 11 AM to 4 PM. I attached a flyer below with the location info. I will have original art and prints for sale. Stop by and say hello!



“Soul Journey” artwork available in my shop

The Angel Store

Hello friends. A lot has happened since my last post. It is with a grateful heart that I am able to tell you that my art is now available for purchase in a local shop! For all you local Arizona friends please stop by and visit The Angel Store in Old Town Scottsdale. Its located in the Kiva Center at 7121 E. 5th St Scottsdale AZ 85251.   I am so excited and feel so blessed. You can find Drskippyart original mixed media work and prints. Thank you so much for your support.

Third Eye Kitten

Purrrrr’oommmmm, purrrrrr’ommmmmmm……

Hi Joy, said Sally. What is that noise you are making? Why do you have your eyes closed? Is that a new cat bed you are sitting on?

Geez Sally, replied Joy. That sure is a lot of questions you are asking. Good thing I just finished my morning meditation and I am in a blissful state. It’s going to be a wonderful day!

Your morning WHAT, asked Sally.

My morning meditation.

Well, what was that strange purr you were making? Was that the new Lady Gatto song that everyone is talking about?

I was chanting. CHANTING! Exclaimed Sally. Yes, chanting, Joy said in a calm voice.

Well, why were your eyes closed, were you trying to take a nap? No, silly, I was meditating remember?

Oh yeah, right, meditating. I get it. Ummm, Joy. Yes, Sally. What is meditating?

Well meditating is quieting the………

Holy! I just got a closer glimpse of your new cat bed, Sally said enthusiastically while simultaneously interrupting Joy. This looks like something straight out of the Katdashian collection!

Joy just sat there silently, trying not to get her kitten scruff in a fuss. Breathe Joy, breathe, she repeated to herself while rubbing the calming amethyst stone she held in her hand that she was still holding from her morning meditation. Joy loved to meditate with crystals and had several that she used depending on her manifestation goals.

This is actually my meditation pillow. My Uncle Homer gave it to me as a gift for finishing my first gratitude journal.

That’s nice. I bet Katnip Katdashian has a designer one. I better check her app.

Breathe Joy, breathe, she kept whispering to herself. I don’t really know Sally, I only keep up with my intentions……

Third eye kitten




La luna bella

Her soul had a long standing relationship with the moon.

The moon lovingly smiled and laughed as she finally embraced her authentic self. It had been shining its brilliant light upon her soul night after night. Hoping she would let go of all that no longer served her and remember the wisdom she carried deep within.

“Nice to see you lightworker, I was wondering when you were going to show up. Its time to shine your light upon the world”, said the moon.

After this night, she never looked back, finally embracing her beauty, power and wisdom. “I remember my magic!” ,she exclaimed. “Good” said the moon. “You are a powerful lightworker my dear. Its time to start living your life purpose. Get to work lightworker!” And so she did…………..

sun loves the moon